Friday, July 3, 2009

Can't run to save my life but I think I want to try!

I am definitely not a runner. I have run in the past such as running as a kid while playing or running from the cops as a teenager (lol) and running as a mother to catch up with my kids, but never long distance. Whenever I see a person jogging or running I envision them as very powerful in mind and body. I believe it takes a lot of mental and physical strength to run. Very possibly more mental strength than physical strength. So I'm going to gather up my strength and focus on getting myself first to a mile then three then maybe 5. We'll see, one step at a time.
My plan to start is interval running. I will walk for 5 minutes and run for 5 minutes for an hour for this week (3x). In between I will row and strength train. To run, it is necessary for your whole body to be strong, not just your legs. You use your core as well as your arms to run, so here I go, off and running! Wish me luck! (although luck has nothing to do with it. Persistence is the key). Comments welcome!

By the way, you can't run on empty so fuel up!

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